DEATH BY DESIGN - a murder mystery comedy

By Inspire Theatre (other events)

9 Dates Through Jun 25, 2017

The protagonists in Death by Design comprise a sophisticated, arrogant playwright and his air-headed actress wife. Their latest play has just been panned by the London critics, and the pair retreat to their country estate to lick their wounds and continue their psychological warfare. They’re quickly joined by a host of guests, some invited, some not. Soon one of the guests lies lifeless on a sofa. All the characters have a motive for murder, save the impudent, sharp-tongued housemaid.
Death by Design is intentionally written in Coward’s style, complete with interesting, over-drawn characters, brilliant comic repartee and wonderfully incisive social commentary. Plus there’s the Agatha Christie element: a country estate full of mysterious guests and isolated by a snipped telephone wire.

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